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Can Jack catch flak?

I think that maybe 24 should be called 18 or 20 because it looks like we are in the part of the series where the writers mightve started asking themselves “how the hell can we keep this going?” So now they come up with the private army (Starkwood) boss Jon Voight tricking the FBI and Army into believing that Starkwoods own chemical weapon of mass destruction is in one part of their “army base.” Thats supposedly so huge and so well hidden that even with all the heat sensor and other super-detecting equipment that the US government has they cant seem to find it. Come on – its a simple metal building! And really its kind of boring without Jack and FBI Renee out there – like Jack is really going to die from being exposed to this chemical weapon. Remember hes the guy that got over a heroin addiction in just a few hours…then kicked butt for 20 hours more!

Tonight on Spectacle, Elvis Costello with… – the great Elvis turns his vast knowledge to Tony Bennett.

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