2012 Preview: Francesca Woodman Retrospective at SFMOMA

Okay, well, we’re cheating a little bit because this exhibit of Francesca Woodman photographs has already opened, and runs through February 20th at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Francesca Woodman went to Brown University in Rhode Island, and committed suicide at age 20. She was among the best, and had a savage eye for composition – ¬†and psychological freight that has never since been matched. For David D’Arcy’s audio review of the documentary, The Woodmans, which tells more about the life of Francesca Woodman, as well as her artist parents George and Betty, listen to this link. Or: Just visit this terrific show in San Francisco. The link to the SFMOMA page is here.

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  1. Alex Coley says:

    Francesca actually went to art school at RISD. She was also 22 when she died in 1981 in Manhattan. I’m excited to see the show at the Guggenheim this April.