Judy Pfaff Talks Pachinko Parlors; Agent Ribbons Performs Family Haircut

Judy Pfaff's installation at Robischon Gallery, Denver, remains on view through December 29th.

The Frightening Sound of Munch Munch Munch is just one of the titles of Judy Pfaff’s even-more-over-the-edge objects that are on view at Robischon Gallery in Denver through December 29th. Pfaff like Rosalind Krauss dislikes the word, “installation.” In 2010 the New York Times called them “fulminating wall pieces.”  It’s been observed about the artist, who won a MacArthur in 2004, that she’s an in-between sort, neither part of the austere ranks of post-minimalism nor a decorous feminist, even though she clearly loves to cut and paste. Listen in to Judy Pfaff, who will also spend time in residency in at University of Wyoming in Laramie, Wy. early next year, talk practice independence and exhibition formalities.

 Our Austin song curated by contributing writer Don Simpson features Agent Ribbons. Don writes:

Originally from Sacramento, Agent Ribbons relocated to Austin in 2010. They are a relentless touring band, usually performing as a two-piece, Natalie Ribbons (guitar and vocals) and Lauren Ribbons (drums and vocals). They offset their musical minimalism, with an unmatched theatricality, making them one heck of a live band. It is clear that Agent Ribbons has a strong affinity for Phil Spector’s girl-groups and 60s garage rock. Their newest EP, Let Them Talk (Antenna Farm Records), finds them returning to the more raucous roots of their early recordings. Our featured track, “Family Haircut” is exactly what Agent Ribbons does best.

Tadasky, M272, 2008

Finally, it was my real pleasure to interview art historian Donald Kuspit about the artist Tadasky. Tadasky’s exhibition, The Circle Reviewed 1964-2012, appeared at David Richard Gallery, 544 South Guadalupe Street in Santa Fe, through September. Selected paintings can be seen at David Richard’s booth, C-13, at Art Miami, at the Art Miami Pavilion in the Wynwood Arts District in Miami, from December 4-9.

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