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Cinema Six Finally Screens in Austin!

In the opening scene of Cinema Six, Chad (Chris Doubek) resigns as manager of Stanton Family Cinemas, leaving Mason (John Merriman) and Dennis (Brand Rackley) in charge. Gabe (Mark Potts) is there too, but he is definitely not in charge. Cinema Six is about this hapless group of movie theater employees who are stuck in limbo between childhood and adulthood. Mason, Dennis and Gabe are each in the midst of existential crises — and women may bewilder and frustrate them — but the thought of leaving the movie theater and growing up scares the crap out of them. In other words, Stanton Family Cinemas is just as much of an escape from reality for the employees as the films are for the audiences.

Cinema Six may sound pretty serious, but it is actually the funniest film I have seen all year. And despite its sublime knack for incredibly creative uses of excessive obscenity and vulgarity, Cinema Six is a very profound film. Very few comedies are this consistently funny while also showcasing such a strong, noteworthy narrative. Oh, and Cinema Six is quotable as all hell.

With each feature — Stanton Family Grave Robbery (2008), Simmons on Vinyl (2009), S&M Lawncare (2010), Cinema Six (2012) — co-directors Mark Potts and Cole Selix have grown increasingly adept at the craft of filmmaking. Potts and Selix have taken a giant leap forward with Cinema Six…but what about this amazing cast? I could watch John Merriman, Mark Potts and Brand Rackley play off of each other all day; but the bit parts — bookended by Chris Doubek’s opening diatribe and Maggie Carey’s closing scene (with a famous-yet-uncredited comedic actor) — are what develop Cinema Six into a scrumptiously randy comedy that I could gnaw on for hours.

When Cinema Six was unexpectedly rejected by both SXSW and Austin Film Festival earlier this year, I was beginning to wonder if Austin would ever see this film. Thankfully, our friends over at Slackerwood and the Austin Film Society decided to host the Austin premiere of Cinema Six at the Blue Starlite Drive In (November 30).  Since Cinema Six was shot on location in Central Texas, with a primarily local cast and crew, I suspect this screening will be one hell of a homecoming for everyone. I cannot wait!!!

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