Low-Impact, Artist-Designed Campers

The coolest, new eco-friendly campers on the market— designed by Jay Nelson, artist from San Francisco. Certainly, if all the RV-lovers made the switch to these environmentally low-impact campers, we’d save on energy!

Although Nelson is an artist, he is inspired by function design, and people who “make do.” He builds out of necessity, “objects and vehicles that are functional and improve my life,” says the artist. However, don’t mistake his emphasis on functionality to mean that aesthetics are ignored. He pays careful attention to both form and function.

image courtesy of Jay Nelson

image courtesy of Jay Nelson

Here Nelson enhanced an old Honda by adding a camper to the back! And check out this boat-camper!

image courtesy of Jay Nelson

“I like the idea of making objects that create conversations,” says Nelson.

The artist-designer’s campers are definitely conversation-starters! The amount of craftsmanship, which the artist uses to create these unique campers, is immense. Nelson is certainly a talented wood-worker, and he doesn’t stop at campers–check out his fine art here.

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